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Hi, I'm Ben Modayil

I'm a freelance front-end engineer living in Philadelphia, PA.

When I’m not working you can catch me streaming games on Mixer.

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I provide services in Design and Development

I work across the spectrum between design and development to bridge the gap that traditional organizations suffer from.


My typical process can include me researching your market competitors, looking at current design trends in your industry, providing mood boards, designing wireframes, and designing full artboards in sketch. All while you approve and provide feedback throughout the process.

Marvin Knorr Law

Designed with Invision Studio and developed using GatsbyJS and NetlifyCMS.



Once a design is finalized, I start developing using JAMstack technologies to keep recurring costs low. For most projects I like to use GatsbyJS and TailwindCSS for development, Netlify CMS as the content management system, and use Netlify as a hosting platform. Not all projects are the same though, so I recommend getting in contact if you have other needs.


Developed using GatsbyJS, TailwindCSS, and NetlifyCMS



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If you’re looking for another engineer or have a project idea feel free to contact me.

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