Work Log #1

July 17, 2020

I'm hoping to journal more about my week in this area here. For the most part, nothing crazy happens in the course of a week for me so this might turn into a monthly journal. But at the very least I want to be able to have some type of account on the past when looking ahead from the future. These posts aren't supposed to be formal, but just bullet point lists describing work and things worth mentioning around the time I've written them.

  • Worked more on this current website. I'm currently designing a "work/projects" section of the site so I can have better confidence when applying to new jobs
  • Small amount of freelance: I've simplified the home page on Brave Wings Therapy for my client and will be doing more working for them in the coming days.
  • Job searching. I feel a bit weird documenting that I'm looking for other opportunities here before I tell my current job I'm leaving, but it's been coming for awhile now and I'm ready for new challenges and hopefully a place that values mentorship. If you know of any opportunities, feel free to contact me.
  • Teaching: Met with my buddy Ken to talk about careers and discuss APIs/fetching data in React. He's making good progress in his bootcamp and I'm excited for his career in web dev.
  • New setup: While I can't share a picture right now, I've separated my work items and gaming setup from each other and things are a bit cleaner. I still have a ton of things to move/wire/clean, so I'll follow up with a picture + post about everything I've got going on in my room.
  • Setting up to start streaming again. With my new setup, I'm slowly getting back to start streaming again. I stopped as soon as I realized my latency in Warzone spiked while I was streaming. To avoid this, my new setup is a dual desktop streaming setup and I'm excited to share how I have it currently working and what devices/tools I'm using. If you're interested in watching me play in the future, follow me on Twitch.

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