Sharing all the tech I use and might recommend

I’m still working on this page so this list is no where near complete.


Desktop PC

  • I use this XLR to USB adapter to have my mic audio split to my gaming PC since my primary mic + mixer is connected to my streaming PC.
  • Phillips Hue Go light to create some mood lighting behind my gaming monitor.
  • Skylight projector adds some ambience to the room while streaming, albeit I can’t remotely turn this on using my Google Home + smart outlet combination. I would upgrade in the future to one that can be operated remotely as I’m all in on “smart” products at this point.
  • Asus 27” 1440p 1ms monitor 144hz (but up to 165hz overclocked) does not leave me with any complaints, but I will one day upgrade to a 240hz monitor once I confirm FPS performance with a Nvidia RTX3080 graphics card


  • Edifier Speakers are pretty nice. Even has bluetooth, albeit, I don’t know how to get that part working.
  • LG 34” QHD IPS curved monitor as my main driver. After 2ish years with this monitor, I’m thinking about making it into a secondary monitor as 34”s are too big that I find myself not needing the extra wide real estate and have trouble managing windows sometimes even thought I have a ton of shortcuts to handle that. Quality monitor though!
  • Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is my favorite keyboard. It has a “layers” feature that lets you have an infinite of custom functionality. Oh yeah, and it’s splits in half so you can put a mouse or a trackpad like me in the middle.
  • Apple Trackpad for office work, but I use an actual mouse for gaming on my other computer.

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