Update Log 01/2018 📂

January 31, 2018

Hey friends reading this! Albeit my Google Analytics will say is nobody… This is the first of many update logs.

Here, I'll try providing information on my current status. This could entail professional and personal updates, or whatever constitutes sharing. The goal of these update logs is to journalize thoughts, learnings, musings as I become a full-stack developer, and even beyond, but without going into detail as a normal topical blog post. So in a sense, these could be thought of like “show-notes” that you might see on a particular podcast episode cue Truman show vibe (also comparable to a “stand up”).

This first one will be pretty long though, just because it's collecting what I've been doing since my apprenticeship.

Update from November 26th to January 31st

Professional Updates


I've been doing quite a bit with learning Wordpress and its ecosystem, but I'm a little stopped on a learning project with Wordpress as I'm taking classes for fullstack development at the moment. I decided to learn Wordpress as it's the CMS that tends to be in demand with digital agencies/ or freelance projects. As I'm coming from CraftCMS (a superior CMS if you asked me), I've been using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin to create sites in a similar fashion. I haven't dug too much into Wordpress's new (beta) Gutenberg editor, so I'm hoping it leads to an easier development process whenever I get back to Wordpress Development.


  • Accessibility for Everyone by Laura Kalbag: Gave a good general overview of what to use on the web when it comes to accessiblity. Abookapart books tend to lack in depth, but still gives you general directions when you're mad googling.

  • The New CSS Layout by Rachel Andrew: Learned a lot about CSS Grid and some flexbox techniques I never knew before.

  • Atomic Design by Brad Frost: Design systems are a little out of my wheelhouse, but Brad Frost's book was a great overview into his coined methodology.

CSS Grid

Wes Bos recently launched his CSS Grid course and I was lucky to get onto the beta. It's a short and practical course for deepdiving into it. I actually got to use it on an learning API project (linked below).

Email Newsletters

I've seen enough code for newsletters to know that I hate it. I've also heard countless people on the internet complain about email development that I decided to take another path. Enter MJML. It's a email framework that translates its proprietory tags into email compliant code. Here's an example newsletter showing the code it exports. I have a blog post in the works for this one.

Personal Site development

I love GatsbyJS more and more whenever working with it. Here are some updates I've been completed the past month or so:

  • Refreshed this site’s codebase into shorter components.
  • Figured out how to use an API in React all by myself with a Codepen feed on the homepage.
  • Solved my GroundRules SVG animation issue with a SVG handler for React (Github link)
  • Got my site to a 99% on page speed insights and fixed some accessibility issues detected by AXE

I'm currently working on a Wordpress API integration, but I'm holding out until Gutenberg becomes more stable, just in case I have to update the integration again.

Fullstack Learning

  • Finishing an API project using News API - View my progress here: Link to Github repo and demo site
  • Progressing through Node development
  • covered creating/reading/updating/destroying data with REST API endpoints
  • currently learning testing with mocha and chai.
  • almost ready for my second capstone project (3 total) and on track to graduate wwaaay early (because of prior experience).

Personal Updates

  • Had a nice family trip to India (pictures)
  • Trying to blog more as a way to contemplate ideas deeper.
  • Going for my permit soon and hopefully I’ll actually get practice behind a wheel so I can get my license ASAP.
  • Trying to eat healthy again. I don’t get much exercise anymore, so I need to adjust the scales somehow. Pun intended.


Prayer. Need lots of it. 🙏

End of update 👋

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