Setting up a new gaming PC

Starting out strong with your new gaming PC


So you have a new PC? Great… Maybe you want to hit the ground running and start gaming with your friends. If so go right ahead, but if you’re like me and are a bit competitive, there might be a few settings to tweak first or applications to disable just to make sure everything is optimized for your gameplay.

Also, I’m tired of doing this individually for my friends so I thought I’d write this article for them troubleshooting their PCs.

  1. Disable start-up programs
  2. Disable Xbox companion
  3. Turn on Game mode.
  4. Delete bloatware.
  5. Change monitor/PC/in-game display settings to make sure your hitting 144hz/max HZ
  6. Power mode: need more info.
  7. Check your default communication audio settings.
  8. Have game sounds coming out of your mic/wrong output? Advanced volume mixer.

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